Hushh_PacifierNot every item bought for a newborn will be a winner. There will always be those that get little to no use and that feel like a waste of money. These are not the newborn clothes or diapers that everyone buys, but those somewhat out-there items that some parents buy thinking it will help during that stressful first year or that friends of the family buy to perhaps be different and stand out from other gifters.

One of these is a white noise machine. These are supposed to help babies sleep better, but most parents say they cannot see a difference between when they used the machine and when they didn’t. For most of them, it was simply a waste of money and it provided a false sense of security about their baby being able to sleep soundly.

Swaddle blankets are another baby item that a lot of babies ether don’t need or will actively work their way out of and fight against. It may seem like a good idea to have the baby swaddled up so they will feel comfortable, by they feel more comfortable if mommy or daddy is holding them, and not all swaddling blankets work equally well for active babies.

Preemie clothes are another choice of baby items that are only good for a small subset of babies. Only smaller babies will be able to fit in these, but many people who buy baby clothes at sites like newborn clothes think they are buying regular newborn clothes and don’t take the time to check and see exactly what they are getting. Preemie clothes are designed for smaller babies that were born ahead of their due date, and their clothes won’t fit the average baby.

Travel systems are another baby item that experienced parents are avoiding in droves and new parents are regretting spending money on. They may sound like a good space and time saver, as they transition from car seat to stroller and back again, but they are often a lot of hassle, and it actually saves time to have two separate items for each of these purposes.

These are just a few of the baby items that most parents can do without. Some parents will swear by them, but on the whole, these tend to be wasteful and unnecessary or simply trumped by better choices.